Foce Tanarello / Ponte Tanarello
Anello Colla del Fieno / Cappella di San Bernardo

Foce Tanarello (901 m) – Ponte Tanarello (1041 m)

Lunghezza 6 KM ca. / tempo di percorrenza 2h

Tanarello Issue (901 m) – Tanarello Bridge (1041 m)

Lenght 6 Km / time to pass through 2 h

Tanello river is short with a flat flowing from the Saccarello crest- Fronté to the Tanaro’s mouth.

  • From Ponte di Nava along the route 28, it must turn into the road that leads in Viozene and Upega (town of Briga Alta, CN).
  • After 5 Km along this road, it reachs the deviation to Val Tanarello where you can park your car. It pass through the stream by a little bridge then it starts to climb back up.
  • Further on there is another bridge, Schiarante near an amazing promenade that joins Nava to Upega. At this point of our journey it necessary take a visit to the Cornarea Den, an extraordinary example of natural cavity particularly interesting in a palaeontologic view.
  • Passed on the Schiarante bridge, it takes a little path that lead into the woods above the Tanarello right side.
  • After a short rise, it gets to a fork and taking the left way it arrives at the gate ofthe CornareaDen (1038 m.), the only cave in this spot where lived men in the Bronze Age.


Cornarea Den

In this cave it has been found a lot of archaeological findings more or less around 1000 – 900 B. C. as ceramics, grindstones, green stone hatchets, blades and flint scrapers, sea-shell necklaces and ornamental glasses. The excavations found holes for tent poles and hearths with scraps of sheep bones, signs of pastoral life. Next the ancient transhumance routes, the cave was a refuge for those shepherds that in springtime took their cattle in the high meadows.

The Den measures 200 metres.

  • Come back to the bridge let’s take again the main path
  • Going upstream after a wide left bond it gains on Ponte dell’Isola ruins, traces of the numerous traffics between Tanaro and Arroscia river valleys by the Tanarello valley.
  • Further on landscape is wider and the route run nearly straight between the stream and some lines, still now used for hay yield.
  • Carrying on where terraces narrow, there are ruins of some frameworks (Case dell’Isola). From here it is possible to go uphill till the San Bernardo chapel.
  • The road pass on the Dova brook, then to south till another Tanarello affluent, the Piniella brook.
  • After a pair of turns, it gains on a intersection: a right hairpin bend goes to Casa Maddalena Soprana (1278 m.) but our course continue to the valley bottom.
  • Passed on another stream, the Maddalena brook, it gets to a plateau with a belt of red reafforested fir trees.
  • Now we are very next to our destination: after the Moneghe brook, another Tanarello affluent, and an intersection we must turn to the left side till the Tanarello bridge.

Tanarello Bridge

(1041 m.). It deals with a medieval bridge of remarkable building worth very important for the ancient commercial roads and for transhumance yet (many medieval ruins hereabouts).



  • Beech Tree
  • Carpino Nero
  • Pine Tree
  • White Alder
  • Willow Tree
  • Equisetum
  • Aquatic Mint
  • Aquatic Hemp
  • Asclepiadean Gentian
  • Windflower
  • Red Fir Tree
  • Hazel



  • Nuthatch
  • Trout



Anello Colla del Fieno (1240 m.) – San Bernardo Chapel (1350 m.)

Lenght 14 Km / excursion time 8 h

  • From Colla del Fieno, a panoramic pass between the Arroscia and Tanaro high valleys, it follows the forest road that leads towards the North, then turn to left till reaching the Della Fonda brook.
  • Travelling along this brook till Tanarello, it come to the Schiarante bridge.
  • Passed on the bridge, it takes on the left side of the road where in the middle of an ample turn near a very small valley there is a short path going up to the right side, between wild roses and hazels.
  • Passing the hazel grove, then a coppice of beech trees whit some exemplars of oaks too, it goes uphill till a knoll above ruins. Now we are outside from the beechwood and the landscape too is wider. In front of us we can distinguish the Saccarello Massif.
  • It come back up along the crest till the Case Bausùn (1336 m.), under the Armasse Rocks.
  • Just above the houses (Case) a path goes on towards west where it finds some small brooks inside a pinewood (1500 m.).
  • Going out from the wood, it arrives to Cosio Alp, one of the most larger meadows for cattle of the TanaroHighValley.
  • Then we arrive to a seasonable stable pension with a path to west that pass under the Pian Cavallo top: it deals with the principal pedestrian crossing between Nava and Upega.
  • Instead to turn into the west side we descend once more, till the deserted Dova Soprana, an ancient populated area.
  • We go on passing upon a mound that looks over the Tanarello and finally we can reach the San Bernardo Chapel, destination of our tourist itinerary.


  • Beech Tree
  • Pine Tree
  • Hellebore
  • Windflower
  • White Fir Tree
  • Primrose
  • Saxifrage
  • Bluebell
  • Hazel
  • Black Elder
  • Wild Roses
  • Juniper
  • Hawthorn
  • Ashy Broom
  • Mountain Service Tree
  • Gentian


  • Chamois
  • Wild Cock
  • Golden Eagle
  • Buzzard
  • Alpine Chough
  • Kestrel
  • Lizard
  • Green Lizard
Itineraries and excursions, promende and mountain bike tracks

ITINERARY A (dark green):
Start in Colle di Nava parking, m 933.
Easy, nearly flat.
Length 4.8 Km
Excursion time 1.15 h.
Car practicable


Start in Colle di Nava parking, m 933.
Great landscapes. Max. altitude 1.221 m till Mount Airolo.
Panoramic spots: Outpost Bellarasco, Batterie S.Lorenzo, Outpost Richermo, Mount Airolo.
Length 13.9 Km.
Excursion time 5 h.
Start and stop car practicable.


ITINERARY C (ochre):
Start in Colle di Nava parking, m 933.
On average hard.
Max. altitude 1.243 m till Pass Prale.
Panoramic spots: Bocchino Semola, Pass Prale.
Length 12.4 Km (6.2x2).
Excursion time 3.45 h.
Car practicable till S. Bernardo d'Armo.


Start in Colle di Nava parking, m 933.
Hard but really panoramic.
Max. altitude 1.243 m till “Tetti dei Cani”.
Panoramic spots: Outpost Possanghi, Colla Boschetti.
Length 12.450 Km
Excursion time 4.30 h.
Car practicable at the end of the itinerary.


ITINERARY E (brown):
Start near the Place of the Church in Nava, m. 894.
Weakly hard
Max. altitude 1.243 m till “Tetti Bertini”.
Length 5.5 Km
Excursion time 1.45 h.
Start and stop car practicable.


ITINERARY F (clear green):
Start near the Place of the S. Luigi Municipality, m 619.
On average hard but sunny.
Max. altitude 960 m. till the fork for “Batterie San Lorenzo”. Length 6.950 Km



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