Who’s who

The Albergo Lorenzina'a history starts in 1926 when the founder Lorenzina came back in Italy from France before the outbreak of the Second World War fearing the eventual clash between these two states. Lorenzina worked in Paris as cook for an high class family of which the head was a judge of the Court of Appeal.

Once she came back in Italy , she met an explosives expert during the War having his station inside the Napoleonic outposts.

She will become his wife and together will lay down the foundations of the Hotel.

The family tradition went on with the sons, particularly with two daughters, Silvia and Caterina that contributed to the qualitative growth of the Albergo Lorenzina.

Now this is the third generation and the sons of Silvia, their sons – in – law, with the nephew Marco, they are all together proud that the stateliness of their Hotel will continue to grow up forever.

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